Pogo Packaging is your reliable partner for premium resealable pouch packaging. Explore our extensive collection of UK stock sizes, styles, and colours in quantities as low as 100pcs

Resealable Pouch Packaging

At Pogo Packaging, we specialise in crafting stand-up pouches, flat-bottom pouches and box bottom bags serving the needs of many different brands and products. Our range of UK stock pouches are ready to go, with next day delivery included on all orders above £20. Our variations go from small to large, coffee or tea, dog treats or cat treats, shiny or matt, gold or silver, and even holographic! Along with high quality packaging pouches, we also offer generous discounts too. All of our pricing is set to automatically discount if you increase your order quantities. Browse our stock pouches and choose the style and quantity that suits your requirements.

Want to customise the pouch according to your brand or product? We are ready to help with our custom printed pouch service! You no longer need to order labels as we can digitally print directly to the blank pouch. Get in touch if you want a free sample.

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Our Blank Pouch Range

Our vast range of blank pouches may seem like a lot to take in, but let’s break down the features of our stock pouches:-

Different Styles of Pouch

Our packaging pouches are offered in four styles: Stand-up or Flat Bottom, which is sometimes known as Box Bottom. Stand up pouches are used for pretty much everything but Flat Bottom pouches are a strong favourite for many coffee and tea brands. 

Variety of Colors & Finishes

We completely understand that different brands use their own specifically chosen colours to make their product packaging unique and compelling. So we provide 10 colour options with White, Brown, Gold and Clear to Mixed, Silver and more

Diverse Volumes & Sizes Offered

Not only do we offer plenty of styles and hues, but we also have different volume options. You can choose the perfect resealable pouches with volumes ranging from 40g to a whopping 5kg.

Why Choose Pogo Packaging Pouches for Your Products

Superior Quality Material from Certified Facilities

Pogo Packaging pouches are manufactured in facilities certified by BRCGS and ISO, boasting decades of experience. We use only premium raw materials to ensure the highest quality standards for your packaging needs.

Thoughtfully Designed For Versatile Usage And Freshness

Our pouches offer exceptional barrier levels, making them ideal for various products. From coffee and tea, to vitamins, supplements, powders, sweets, and more. Our pouches provide reliable packaging solutions for diverse items.

Beyond physical strength and flexibility, our resealable pouches feature meticulously optimised construction. This design keeps your products secure and preserves their freshness for extended periods. With a convenient resealable zip closure, our pouches ensure easy filling and dispensing, adding to their user-friendly appeal.

Printing Customisation Options

At Pogo Packaging, we offer customised pouch printing to give the products your brand’s identity and a personal touch. No more wrestling with labels – enjoy the ease of having your distinctive designs directly printed on your pouches. Along with enhancing the visual appeal of your packaging, it streamlines the entire process, from filling to sealing to selling. We also offer artwork design services if you are struggling with ideas. Get in touch if you’d like our help, we can provide a design aligned well with your brand mission and product specs. 

Commitment to Our Clients

Besides the quality, durability, and suitability, what makes our pouch packaging solutions worth investing in is our commitment to reliable service. With our same-day dispatch service, and dedicated support, you can trust that your orders will be processed quickly and efficiently, always fulfilling your business needs.

Fed up of sticking labels on?

We can supply you with custom printed pouches that have your design printed directly to the pouch so all you need to do is fill it, seal it and sell it!

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