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Stand-up pouches, a subset of flexible packaging, have become the go-to choice, effortlessly replacing rigid counterparts such as glass jars or plastic tubs. The concept of pouch packaging is over 50 years old but today is still an innovative market leader as they require less raw materials and energy to make and are easier to transport. High quality stand up pouches can enhance your product presentation but also ensure what’s inside the pouch stays at its best for longer. 

We offer ample options to cater to your specific needs and hold all stock in our central UK warehouse for next day delivery. If you are also looking for a professional pouch packaging solution, your search can end here with Pogo Packaging!

Varieties To Explore in Our Stand Up Pouches Range

Clear Stand Up Pouches

Let your product steal the spotlight! Our clear standup pouches are completely transparent and see-through, so customers can easily see what’s inside. If your product is the star of the show, a clear pouch is the stage for it to perform. 

Window Stand Up Pouches

Windowed pouches give a peek at what’s inside, adding a bit of excitement, but most of the pouch is opaque and covered with the colour and finish of your choice.  This gives brands much more creative control and gives room to add custom print or space for a label. Brown kraft paper window pouches are popular for pet treats. 

Holographic Stand Up Pouches

Holographic pouches are the ultimate eye-catcher that will make your packaging stand out from the crowd. They’re a relatively new style of pouch but are now popular across multiple products but especially sweets and confectionery. 

Varieties Of Our Stand-up Pouches 

We have stocked a multitude of stand-up pouches in our warehouse, where each option is unique in its own way. To make your selection process easier, we have created different filters and categories, so consider your goals and pick your favourite!. 

  • Colour

Selecting the right colour is crucial to match your brand or product essence. Our range offers pouches in 7 popular colour options: clear, black, brown, gold, holographic, silver, and white.

  • Finish

“First impression is the last impression”. The finish of pouches really makes a big difference on the shelf. To cater to different needs and tastes, we offer three finish options to get in your final product: Matt, Shiny, and Mixed.  Mixed combines two finishes with one side clear and the other side is the finish you choose, like black shiny. 

  • Face Material

Consider the outer layer of the pouch as the face that proudly carries your brand. When it comes to paper, the options are classic white or wholesome brown. On the plastic front, the palette expands, offering a spectrum of colours such as white, black, silver, gold and so on.

  • Window

A window in your pouch is like a sneak peek, enticing customers by revealing the goodness within. Our discreet window or one-side clear pouches offer more visibility, whereas pouches without windows are great for light-sensitive goods. Choose the right pouch style to showcase your goodies and keep them at their best.

  • Coffee Valve 

Roasted coffee beans release CO2 over time, which is crucial to maintaining freshness. To achieve this, our coffee pouch for roasted beans has a one-way coffee valve, allowing CO2 to escape without letting air in. On the other hand, ground coffee doesn’t require a valve, aso we have options without valves to suit your coffee packaging needs.

  • Volume

Considering there are so many different products and portion needs, we offer pouches from 40g to 5kg in volume, ensuring you always feel satisfied with us. 

We also have shared a size chart with the dimensions of each pouch so if you still have any doubts about pouch sizes, please contact us for a free sample.


Q: How do the stand up pouches protect and preserve my product? 

Our stand up pouches are made with high barrier materials and using the latest sealing methods. This gives a sturdy build, minimising exposure to external elements, ensuring prolonged freshness.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We accept return requests for our blank pouches within 14 working days of delivery. You can either exchange the items for a different product or receive a refund (minus initial delivery costs) within 7 working days of the items reaching us. Read more here

Q: Which quality standards are followed in manufacturing these standup pouches?

A: Our factory has been making high quality pouches for 20 years and is BRCGS, SGS and ISO9001 certified. All of our pouches are made with food contact compliant materials, meeting both UK and EU safety standards

Q: Will Pogo Packaging price match my current supplier?

A: Yes! Reach out to us for a discussion on pricing. Our aim is to provide you with a competitive and reliable service.

Q: Can you print on the pouch for me?

A: Yes! Read more about our custom printed pouch service here

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